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Dos & Don'ts

Encourage your child to go see Santa, but don’t force him/her.
Let your children come to Santa slowly, at their own pace.
Always approach Santa from the front so Santa is aware of who is coming.
In marking your gifts for Santa to give out, please put your child’s first and last name in black marker so Santa can easily read them.
Please have a tall padded chair with a sturdy back and no arms for Santa to sit on.

If your child is sick, please don’t share it with Santa.
Don’t force your child to sit on Santa’s lap. If he/she is not ready, maybe next year. It can be upsetting for your child as well as Santa.
Try to never sit a child in Santa’s lap as a surprise to the child or to Santa. Santa’s heart breaks when children are upset.
Try to not put Santa near a roaring fireplace because his suit is very warm.


1)  If you have gifts for Santa to give out, please put them outside in a plastic bag.Santa and Mrs. Claus will transfer them into their large Red Santa Bag.
2)  You can have a more believable visit from Santa, if you provide us with little tidbits of secrets that only Santa would know. Such as the names of your children and their ages. Perhaps the name of your dog or pet too.

3) You can book a Virtual Visit with the Las Vegas Singing Santa if you prefer that over an in-home visit.


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